Video Delivering & Distribution

Flash player design

So, you’ve got a great new video and you want it on your website… what next?

Good video content is only the start. How you deliver video is just as important. To help you seamlessly integrate video into your website, we can supply you with a branded flash media player that matches the look and feel of your site.

Video hosting

The last thing you want is for online video to hog bandwidth and put a strain on your servers. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) can host your videos for you and leave your existing hosting company free to concentrate on the rest of your site. Using a network of servers all over the world, our CDN delivers the video content quicker than a traditional server, and offers a whole host of measurement and reporting tools.
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Video measurement

Good marketing should be measurable.

Which of your videos are being watched most often?
When are they being viewed?
How long are people watching them for?
Where are they watching them?

Viral and social media seeding

Seeding is the term used to describe the process of connecting your content to your target audience across blogs, social media applications and cult websites. Seeding is a great way of igniting the "viral effect" and encouraging share. Helping you grab attention, generate peer recommendation and positive online chatter.


Email design and deployment

How can video make Email Marketing more effective?

Using a clickable link to a short video within the body of an email is a powerful alternative to the overly designed HTML email ‘flyers’ that scream JUNK. Using video in this way we’ve achieved click-through rates as high as 58.5% for our clients. The average CTR for email marketing is 3.5%

Email campaigns

We can help you design, deploy and manage email campaigns of all sizes. Not only that, we’ll provide you with reporting that lets you know which people clicked where and how many times. Email campaigns are a great way to use your video assets to generate new leads and increase awareness.

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